How to Pinpoint Prepositions

How to Pinpoint Prepositions In, On, Under, Behind, Between… and the list goes on. It sounds easy right? Well, prepositions in English are actually quite tricky because they don´t stand the test of direct translation. Prepositions change meaning according to context as well. In our workshop this week we discovered some rules for prepositions [...]

Is it Football or Soccer?

Is it football or soccer? Hood or Bonnet? Windshield or Windscreen?  Whichever you choose, it´s all English anyway. In our workshop, titled Football or Soccer? We discovered the differences between varieties of English. The English language has over ten different variations. In this workshop, we concentrated on British and American English differences.   Saying football [...]

Pronunciation Workshop

On April 26th we launched our Pronunciation Workshop at the Social Club. Pronunciation is a complex matter, as it´s often the cause of miscommunication, but who says it can´t be fun? In order to combat that, this workshop explored the mispronunciation experiences and broke down the pronunciation process into three phases:  Listening, Distinguishing, and [...]